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Antonio Brown says Julio Jones not the best receiver


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Found this fun tidbit with Brown running his big mouth. The article writer sums it up nicely, but there's no comparison. Brown is an embarrassment. Give it up for our guy Julio, the best reciever in football and possibly, the best receiver to ever play the game.



Falcons: Jobless Antonio Brown takes a jab at Julio Jones

Leave a Comment / Falcons / By Chase Irle / March 29, 2020
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These days, if Antonio Brown is in the headline, it’s a safe bet it’s because he is doing something insane. And while this is far less outlandish than some of the other things he’s done over the past year, it still shows the part of his brain that controls logic is missing. On Instagram live, Brown had this to say in regards to who the best receiver in the world is today and specifically took a shot at Julio Jones.

Of course, it’s challenging to be the best receiver in the game, when you’re technically not even in the game. Who knows if Brown will ever return to the NFL, but the stats (outside of touchdowns, which is the only thing Brown conveniently mentions) do not agree with his claim. He has played in five more games than Jones over their careers and has nearly 1,000 fewer yards. Jones averages over ten more yards per game played and nearly two more yards per reception.

And Pro Football Focus agrees. Not only do they have Jones as a better receiver than Brown, but they have him as the best receiver in the game since 2006:

Julio Jones: 94.7 career PFF grade
Best among all WRs since 2006
Look, I have nothing against Antonio Brown, the player. He is a bonafide stud, and at his peak, he’s probably the only receiver in the league that could compare to Julio Jones (they were indisputably the two best receivers in football from 2014-2018). The difference is Jones is still doing it while nobody wants Brown anywhere near their franchise. Julio is a leader by example that every organization dreams of having, and at 31 years old, he’s just getting started. Brown may never touch an NFL football field again. If I were him, I’d worry about working my way back into the league rather than calling out a true professional — and the best wide receiver in football.
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Laughable. Guy is a world class talent but untouchable. Please let the Bucs pick him up. He will ruin that locker room in record time. All someone has to do is say that Evans or Godwin is better than him.

In the NFL, teams will put up with a lot of **** as long as you deliver on Sunday. You have to be a special kind of headache to be a top 2 wide receiver and still have no one want you.

I knew that he was done once the Steelers traded him. Tomlin is a players coach and they have always had some questionable characters. When Tomlin gives up on you, you aren’t going to make it anywhere.

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