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For Fun: What if we'd tanked draft-share your picks!


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Trade back with a team looking to take a QB and take Chaisson. Or hold and take Simmons. Either way, I would be very happy.

I just love the versatility of a guy like Simmons and Chaisson. Good defensive coordinators can get really creative and set those guys up to make some plays. With their size and speed, you can also match them up on the elite tight ends in the game.

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I’ll bite.  If we finished with a 4-12 record and drafted 4th overall, it means a rebuild is in order.     I love Ryan, but I’m also practical and can’t pass up on securing our next franchise QB

Draft Tua 4th overall and sit him to learn and heal.  Then next offseason trade Ryan for a 1st.  We can absorb the 40 mill dead money hit since our starting QB is already on the payroll.  Draft well and use the infusion of available cap to rebuild the defense

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On 3/29/2020 at 11:37 PM, ATLSlobberKnockers said:

Where you been bud?

Thanks for the shout-out. Just haven't seen much here to get me up enough to post.

Now that the draft is here, I am all in. This should be an interesting one given the "Contact distancing" thingy, though.

I can Imagine the fellas who played up to their potential in games will get the nod from teams, not the workout warriors.

This will be a fun draft.

Love ya man.

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