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Under The Radar Prospects: 2020 Draft

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Let’s keep an active thread highlighting some under the radar guys.  Post videos or gif’s if possible.  I’ll start with one of my favoprite safeties, Geno Stone.  Has better instincts than any safety in the draft.

“He’s not only the most underrated defensive back in the class, but the most underrated player regardless of position. As PFF draft gurus Mike Renner and Austin Gayle have preached, Stone had unreal instincts — he reacts quickly and is quick to make plays. 

Over the last two seasons, Stone has produced the third-best PFF coverage in the FBS. He’s been responsible for minimal big plays downfield and he made more plays on the ball (11) than first downs allowed (9) while also allowing the lowest yards per coverage snap among safeties (0.25).”




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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

A DE converted DT, McTelvin Agim has huge upside.  In his film he is constantly disrupting the backfield.  5 sacks is solid got a 310 pound DE turned DT


Agim plays the game so violently! I like it!! :slick:

Edited by Abeasley27
Misspelled his name

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10 hours ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

In the 6th I would grab JJ Taylor.  Reminds me of Quizz but better.  Love 5’5 backs cause they are tough for the defense to locate


I do like this guy's attributes & he looks like a dynamo, but is anyone else sort of getting tired of these midget RB's?

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