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Ohio State stacked for 2021

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that's great for ohio state since they bombed the last recruting cycle with a very poor rb haul.  as porter said getting sermon was osu's best rb pickup and he is coming off a injury plagued year.  i am sure he will bounce back if he can stay healthy.  playing time is a big selling point right now for osu.  they basically got nothing this past rb cycle so they can go in and sell that to prospective rbs.  i am hoping we get Edwards who may be the best rb this cycle and larry johnson who is one of the best as well.  a lot can and will change though when recruits can visit campuses.. i can see a number of decommits once team's are able to get players on campus (not referring to osu's rbs, but just recruits in general). 

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20 hours ago, Porter Osborne Jr said:

Signed?  Uh no.  And you’re sitting right where Clemson was last year.  Still a phenomenal class though.  Sermon transferring to OSU might be your best move.

He helps immediately.   The 2020 class wasn't good at running back.  Stacked at receiver.  Might have to air it out more this season...

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