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Who do you think is a better offensive coordinator Sark or Dirk Koetter?

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1 hour ago, Francis York Morgan said:

Sark was better for what we wanted to do. Never been a fan of Koetter's philosophy so I probably can't give an unbiased answer 

This is it. DQ thinks we are a wide zone team and we were built to be a wide zone team. DK enters the picture and we go from wide zone to inside power. 

Sark was a bad play caller thats a given but he ran the offense our players were drafted for. 

Sark is the better choice in this regard. Dirks scheme is stupid as stupid gets.

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Sark only called plays in the NFL two years.  His first was coming off one of the best offenses in NFL history so we were going to be let down no matter what he did.  His second was riddled with injuries.  He was set up to fail and we have no clue what he could have been if given a third year.

Koetter for some reason continues to get chances to call an offense after being mediocre at every stop even with a very good amount of talent.  

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3 hours ago, MoFalconsFan56 said:

Ppl ripped me to shreds for believing in Sark. He got a raw deal and I think our offense would be running like a well oiled machine. Somehow our offense has become a question mark and it ain’t because we don’t have talent. Yes the OL wasn’t the greatest but we were making it work when we had Sark. 

I agree.  K runs an inside zone scheme and he is such a donkey he will not mix in the outside zone to really throw defenses off.

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