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Refried Beans

Joe Burrows vs Matt Ryan

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1 hour ago, joeyg2033 said:

Burrow has actually won on his biggest stage. 

Ryan didn't... Actually Ryan failed. 

So Burrow seems to be the QB with the ability to win when asked to. 

Next question... 


How does one obtain logic that sucks to this magnitude?

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2 hours ago, DonOfThemBirds said:


Yep, and neither Wilson nor Mahomes were expected to make it anywhere close to the level they have so far in the NFL.


Wilson was like a 3rd rounder due to being dismissed because of his size. Some people questioned Andy Reid for taking Mahomes in the 1st round.


They've outlasted and done better than a couple of "can't miss" QB prospects.

Yeah, well Andrew Luck's 3 Super Bowl rings say otherwise.


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4 hours ago, Refried Beans said:

Hypothetical situation. 2 minutes to go. NFC Championship. You gotta drive 80 yards and score a TD to win.  Working with Falcons current offensive personell, which QB you got more confidence in and why?  


This thread would have gone better if it was Burrow vs Tua in that situation.  I love Burrow, but he is still just a guy until proven otherwise.  And if he does turn into a HOF player, he won’t be on Ryan’s level for 3-4 years

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5 hours ago, Norwood all the way! said:

So a veteran Qb with over 100 wins vs a college qb with 0 NFL games let alone wins? Do I have that right? :rolleyes:

Not to mention you didn't know who this dude was a year ago.

I know Ohio State is a football factory but dude didn't break through there.

He was fortunate enough to find himself in the right situation.

Most good young QBs aren't the guys that go at the top of the draft. It's the ones that go to team that has a good plan for them. Do you think Mahomes looks the same if he's in Chicago? No, he fell to a guy in Reid who knew how to maximize him. And even then he wasn't handed the keys right away. Not saying he wouldn't be good but those early developmental years break a lot of talented players if they are in the wrong situation.

When you go at the top the franchise is shaped around you. Few players can pull that off. Matt Ryan and Andrew Luck are the only QBs I think have been successful taking that on in a long time.

When you get drafted later, you may get to sit, have low stakes and have more time to mature.

Brady - late rounder/didn't have to start right way, Rodgers - late first/sat behind Favre, Brees - jettisoned for Rivers/fortunately ended up with Payton instead of MIA with Saban, Wilson - 3rd round/all world defense. We can do this all day.

Matt Freakin' Ryan stepped into a disaster of a franchise, was the man from day one, threw a touchdown on his first pass, has had to switch OCs like every other year, still accumulated a mess of records most will not see in their entire careers, was MVP of the league and of all places, still gets questions like these asked about him on the m_fin' Atlanta Falcons message board!!

Look, Burrow may be a great QB, if he is, he may earn the title "the next Matt Ryan."

Stop the nonsense.

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