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Between Murray & Queen, Let's compare...

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These two players get tied together quite a bit.  When discussing one, the other always comes up.  Almost an either/or type of attitude has prevailed.

Two top tier LB prospects w/ very similar skillsets. both ranked as first rounders..  Let's compare these two cats...

Player Dimensions Murray

Height: 74 inches
Weight: 234 pounds
BMI: 30.77
Arm Length: 32.75 inches
Hand Size: 9.50 inches

Player Dimensions Queen

Height: 73 inches
Weight: 227 pounds
BMI: 30.67
Arm Length: 31.63 inches
Hand Size: 10.00 inches

Player Dimensions advantage goes to Murray

1 inch taller Height, 1 inch longer arms, 8lbs heavier Weight (not worried about 1/2" hand size difference)

Player Combine Results Murray

40 Yard Dash: 4.52 seconds
Vertical Leap: 38.0 inches
Broad Jump: 129 inches

Player Combine Results Queen

40 Yard Dash: 4.50 seconds
Vertical Leap: 35.0 inches
Broad Jump: 125 inches

Player Combine Results Advantage to Murray

3" better Vertical, 4" better Broad, virtually the same 40 speed w/ 2/100ths advantage to Queen.(both pulled up w/ hammies so no chance to see 2nd run) 

So my initial thoughts are to lean towards Murray, HOWEVER, after reading lots of scouting reports, my appreciation for Queen is peaking!

I think Patrick Queen may be the better of the two when it comes to recognition, coverage & overall upside!





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18 minutes ago, FalconFanSince1969 said:

IDK if queen has the body type to play Sam for us....he's more like debo 

Yeah, he probably projects more as a Mike or Will, with Murray better suited toward a SAM.

But I think what I learned is that Queen is at least Murray's equal & quite possibly a better overall prospect.

Two nice choices.

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28 minutes ago, RYNE said:

I think it’s Very close. Queen got a lot better at the end of the year. I like them both quite a bit. If I had to make the pick I would go Murray. 


27 minutes ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

Nice info...both home high upside and a few warts.  I’d personally take Queen.

Still wish Dylan Moses declared this year.  Would have been perfect for us at 16th

I learned a lot about each guy but ultimately I defer to the scouts who have watched much more film.  I don't have all that time on my side.  Good stuff.  

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GOOD  AND FAIR WORK MAN! Great for the sick and shut in. I like Murray for us but you made me look at Queen in a different light. Murray played with Gallimore. And Queen played with a tough DL and  a first round CB and S so I don't know. Were they good because they played with good college players?

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48 minutes ago, Osiruz said:

What's funny is posters here dont think Murray can play Devondre Campbell's position. Murray is only 2 lbs lighter lol. I love Murray jr. I like Queen, but Murray is my #1. 

Can he play it better than Campbell.. every scouting report I read about him ... talks about coverage issues...

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I like both players but you gotta be almost perfect LB to be drafted in the middle of the first round - the position premium just isn’t there.   I don’t see either of these guys playing at the elite levels of the two guys that went early last year at the position.

hard pass at 16 on both.

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Posted (edited)

I think of all the defensive prospects likely to be there at #16, Murray is by far and away the safest pick. He has the size and speed, he plays the position well and is consistent. Immediate plug-n-play starter, and we know what he'll bring to the table.


That said, is an SLB at #16 the type of move that could help turn this defense around? Does taking an SLB at #16 create those ripple effects that make other positional units on the defense better? I dont think so. I think we have to take either DL or CB in the 1st.

Edited by Snafu

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It's all over the place with rankings... At a quick glance, here are a couple rankings I found.  One source had Queen at the top of the 2nd Rd, and one source had Murray at the top of the 2nd...LOL

Here's CBS Sports LBer ranking to date:

3 Isaiah Simmons Clemson Jr LB 1 6-4 238    
25 Kenneth Murray Oklahoma Jr LB 2 6-3 241    
34 Patrick Queen LSU Jr LB 3 6-0 229    
35 Zack Baun Wisconsin Sr LB 4 6-2 238    
76 Akeem Davis-Gaither App. St. Sr LB 5 6-2 224    
84 Troy Dye Oregon Sr LB 6 6-3 231    
99 Malik Harrison Ohio St. Sr LB 7 6-3 247    
108 Willie Gay Jr. Miss. State Jr LB 8 6-1 243    
149 Logan Wilson Wyoming Sr LB 9 6-2 241    
165 Jordyn Brooks Texas Tech Sr LB 10 6-0 240    
173 Cam Brown Penn St. Sr LB 11 6-5 233    
175 Markus Bailey Purdue Sr LB 12 6-0 235    
182 David Woodward Utah St. Jr LB 13 6-2 230    
184 Michael Divinity Jr. LSU Sr LB 14 6-2 242    
187 Joe Bachie Michigan St. Sr LB 15 6-1 230  

DraftNework's ranking to date:

4     Isaiah Simmons

22   Patrick Queen

26   Kenneth Murray

65   Malik Harrison

76   Jordyn Brooks

84   Troy Dye

113 Evan Weaver

115 Joe Bachie

119 Willie Gay

122 Akeem Davis-Gaither

143 David Woodward

148 Logan Wilson

158 Justin Strnad

166 Markus Bailey

179 Jacob Phillips

Daniel Jeremiah NFL.COM has 

16 Patrick Queen 

35 Kenneth Murray (top of 2nd Rd)


Sporting News has:

21 Kenneth Murray

28 Patrick Queen


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I love Queen and like Murray, either in the 2nd could be nice but I doubt they slip there. I'm also not a huge fan of either for replacing Campbell's role. Much more in that Debo/Foye mold, so I don't see the need. They'd be relegated to depth or be miscast, no real in-between.

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