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2 minutes ago, ryantlanta said:

I’m all here for it every team is going to be competitive except probably the Panties. 
“Can’t Wait” 

I wouldn't count the Panthers out. Bridgewater under Joe Brady may be the best QB in the NFC South. Robby Anderson, Christian McCaffrey, DJ Moore, and Curtis Samuel. 

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12 minutes ago, thamill said:

Yeah but you have to account for McCaffrey

He had Kamara and was still average, what helped him is the saints stifling shut down defense. With CMC being overused it's only a matter of time before his body wears down, but I could even see the Panthers trading him away considering they are in rebuild mode. 

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19 minutes ago, Faithful Falcon said:

I was getting on here trying not to hear about it, because the rest of the social media, and the news speaks on it 24/7.  Thanks for making people forget about football again.

I read it as Corona the beer not Coronavirus. Either way I found it funny. Sorry you didn't. If you're looking to avoid any and all mention of it I suggest disengaging from the internet, radio, TV, and any streaming service for the next three months minimum. :(

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