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Are these big signings just a result of Quinn and TD being on the hot seat

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Under TD the falcons  have almost always been aggressive in FA and in trades.


in 08 his first year we had a FA haul and added guys like Erik Coleman and Turner among others.

in 09 he traded for the GOAT   TE.

in 10 We  signed the best FA  corner  on the market in Robinson to a big deal.

in 11 we got   Edwards who at the time  was considered one of the 2 best pass rushers available

in 2012 we swung deal for Asante Samuel

in 13 we  got Steven Jackson and Osi.

in 14 we hit FA hard again with  Soliai,  Jackson, and Asoamoah.

In 16 we  went big on Mack, Sanu, and others.

in 17 we got Poe.

So we have hit FA  pretty hard through out TD's tenure.

Some of the signings/trades were great, some  not so much ( as it is with every GM)


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The aim of the game is to get better.

I would say all GMs and HCs around the league that are in this position are doing exactly the samething.I think it’s no different for TD and DQ what are they to do sit on there hands and watch the league pass them by.

All I’m seeing like every other year is an off season plan being executed is all and hopefully now with the drafted talent to come the coaching staff can pull this thing together.

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1 hour ago, Hard2BaBirdWachr said:

Or have they finally figured out that we have to get some proven vet help in here to win games?

Each year since Quinn's been here we enter the season with confidence and have pounded our chest at fielding one of the best rosters in the NFL. 

In previous years, we didn't have the the holes we had this year. 

IMO both Hot seat and non-Hot seat would look the same based on track record. 

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I don't see that all. They are just trying to improve the team with an eye on the future as well. If they were trading all of our 1st round picks from future years to win now, I would agree with your assessment. But I haven't seen any moves that will negatively impact us in 2021 and beyond.

If anything, they made moves that could open us to late season trades if we were to fall out of contention. Players like Gurley, Hurst, Mack, or Treadwell are guys that we could trade to contenders. All are under reasonable contracts that could help teams for the playoff push.

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It’s 2 fold. By default they’re on the hit seat for the past 2 seasons. But it’s also common sense that they had voids to fill and limited resources to get it done. I don’t they’ve gone into any season thinking lax and ladi da. This offseason just has more urgency because of the unwanted results and fans and AB restless. Had we had a winning season but still had the limited resources I’d think the same moves would be made. Free would still be released. Needed that capitol. Tru would’ve still been released.Needed the capitol. I told y’all that last season he’d probably go after this season. Even tho I wanted to keep him. We all speculated Campbell would probably not come back as well as hoop. We all knew we’d lose players we wanted to keep and some that needed to go. So no I don’t think being on the hot seat is the REASON for the moves but it definitely highlights them and makes it more urgent to hit on the moves. 

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1 hour ago, 1989Fan said:

Last year aside, TD makes a splash almost every season...not sure where the narrative comes from that the Falcons never acquire anyone outside the draft.

I never said that. The question I was trying to make is that say if we would have went 8-8 or maybe 9-7 and they weren't so much on the hot seat, do you think they would have still gotten Fowler and Gurley (trying to give Blank assurance) or looked elsewhere just to put a band aid on those positions in need?

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