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Remembering the greatest defense in NFL history

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8 hours ago, Black Francis said:

That game still stings to this day. 

Yep - And what really got my goat was that the Cowgirls got to face the Iggles and Ron Jaworski in the SB after that and kicked their butts.  We had Jaworski's number back then and had already beaten them that year.  I've always thought if not for our prevent defense, and Danny White we would have had a super bowl win that year!

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22 hours ago, marvinthemartian said:

That team was a lot of fun to watch on defense and totally frustrating on offense. Saw Glanville actually blitz all 11 defenders several times that season. I know he had serious issues as a head coach but he was the best there was as a DC for several years during that era. 

And again, I love those uniforms. I sure hope our new ones look a lot like those. 

Oddly the 1977 Falcons had no OC or DC

Glanville was secondary coach.  Didn’t become DC until 79

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On 3/22/2020 at 5:32 PM, ratesforless said:

If only they had the '80, '98, or '16 offense to go with it. Oh well...

We know how to waste talent in the most falcon way possible. I mean they could have used just a competent RB or two. 

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