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Got a feeling some key Falcons contrasts are being reworked to free cap space!


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27 minutes ago, falconsd56 said:

Not really.

And we have not lost 6 starters....we have lost 5

Tru, Hooper, Campbell, Free and Vic

Hooper, Free , and Vic have been replaced already.

8 to 9 of the 11 offensive positions are likely going be held by guys on the team last year

It is possible that 8 to 9 of the 11 on defense will also be from last year

That is not a purge...that is typical nfl turnover.

Defensive starters last season:

Takk - still here

Davison - still here

Grady - still here

Vic - gone but the board hated him anyway

De'Vondre - gone and will be missed

Debo - still here

Oliver - still here

Sheffield - still here

Tru - gone but actually wasn't on the field much when the D started to catch fire

Allen - Still here

Kazee - still here


then we get back, Neal a starter

retain guys who contributed last season in Bailey, Cominsky, Blidi Wreh, Neasman & Oluokun

and signed Fowler Jr who everybody was creaming their pants at the possibility of getting.

yep we're doomed!!


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37 minutes ago, Realsurfin said:

Yup year after the same cycle takes place and we lose.... lol same old Falcons and same ole fans telling fans they have no clue.  Of course when it all blows up like it did this year the don't have much to say other than talk about the draft midseason... lol :munch:

I’m not sure if you’re agreeing or disagreeing with my comment.  Sorry, maybe you can clarify.

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2 hours ago, falconsd56 said:

It is possible that 8 to 9 of the 11 on defense will also be from last year. That is not a purge...that is typical nfl turnover.

Not likely. We had one of the worst NFL defenses last year bro.

Then lost our sack leader, best corner and leading tackler.

Replaced them with Dante Fowler so far. OK. Keep hugging.

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1 hour ago, FalconFanSince1970 said:

Dimi is the GM. He has said he is ultimately responsible for our team on countless occasions.

Was he a puppet to Blank, DQ and Smitty? If so why do we need him? Seven year downturn bro.

The second half of 2019 was with a totally different team. This is 2020.

Reeves got the 2002 team to the second round and was poised to take the 2004 team all the way.

Blank fired him and hired Mora. Bad move. And you're a coach guy. Shame on you.


Here we go a history lesson are you familiar how the GM works in his role now ?

You remember when AB and co bought in consultants to over see a more efficient use of resources to get a result.

If your not familiar with the role changes of people within the organisation I don’t know what to tell you.

The black n white your trying to portray is off the mark if you don’t understand the above.

Reeves was a good coach but he like other coaches under GMs here were unable to get the consistency required to bring any sought of legitimacy to this organisation.

Your got the stick out laying into a GM and subsequent coaches who have done the same but your going to bat for a guy that couldn’t do the same.

I still don’t understand how you lay fail at one mans feet when all in all it’s a collaborative enviroment.Success or failure is a organisational  thing.

The most hypocritical thing you’d do was if the team finished the job in 2016 you’d be looking for every other person under the sun bar TD for that win I’d put money on it. 

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