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Todd Gurley Signed!!


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4 hours ago, zekeyboy1 said:

Looks faster and more explosive than Freeman to me last season, even with his knee issue...We shall see...

Beating the guy we picked before him (Beasley) was a sick catch!  Well, we now can correct that draft as we now have both the DE (Fowler) that DQ wanted and the RB (Gurley) that over half of the board wanted at that time! 

I for one love this signing for what it is.  Gurley has great vision, reads his blocks well (let's hope he gets some good blocking here), has a mean stiff-arm, and runs with great power in red zone and is a great receiver out of the backfield.  If he's even 80% of what he was in 2017-2018, he'll still be a stud and with JJ, Ridley and company on the field, this is going to be a fun offense to watch!  Let's give him his ol' #3 jersey he had at UGA! 

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5 hours ago, hjerry said:

That isn't the point. I was posting that for a hard-headed poster who couldn't see the real issue even when it was explained to them

The point is that he was on the sideline because of arthritis, which is the major risk here, so it's fair to wonder how much time he'll spend on our sideline years later when the condition will have gotten even worse

I do get it; I was just messin' with ya...


My point, however, is this:  In football, we pay guys extraordinary amounts for what usually returns only a few plays...on average, WR's make millions to make 4-5 catches per game; a great CB might make upwards of 12 Mil for 10 passes defended and 4 INT's in a full season...stuff like that.  So if Gurley gives me 3 plays per game that might not have been made by anyone else, I'll consider that a winning situation...

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