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Falcon player holds many records


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I am guessing you did not know this.  John Wetzel holds many records.  :lol:

Signings - 15

Waivers - 4

Release - 4

Injured Reserve - 2

I have not been tracking this kind of thing, so maybe I am a little naive about how much this happens.  Still, this appears astounding.  Signings are total contracts signed, not team changes.  He seems to get a lot of future/reserve contracts after initial signing.  Still, astounding. 


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2 minutes ago, Boise Falcon Fan said:

This was a lame, click baiting post, and I fell for it hook, line, and sinker...

I did not intend that.  I was truly astounded when I saw those numbers.  Thought is was funny and sad.  I discovered on Spotrac that we just signed John Wetzel, and I thought WTH?  Anyway, how much of your time did I take?  I will make of for it with a cup of coffee or a beer after this pandemic clears. 

Oh, WTH.  I got lunch.

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