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We are probably going draft a RB in the first after making these defensive moves...

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Why Is everyone hating us taking a RB in the 1st round? We do not need another freeman or dunn type RB and that's what will be there in rounds 2 through 7! If Swift or Taylor is there at 16 we need to grab and run!! We haven't had an impact RB in a while! Swift or Taylor would make us very dangerous on Offensive side! Ho get another DE in Free agency like Griffen from Vikings! Problem solved!


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2 hours ago, The Rock said:

Defensive moves???

I‘ve only seen 1 addition. 

We resigned a pretty good DT in Tyler Davidson and signed Dante Fowler and we already have Grady Jarrett and Takk who we are still banking on. Now if they got another DL I wouldn’t be mad at all. But they may try to hit a home run with an RB and I would’nt be mad at that either.

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2 hours ago, 1989Fan said:

Nope. TD never took a RB higher than 3rd, and even commented that’s were he sees good value in this draft. I am expecting Dobbins or Taylor if there at 47 or Akers, Edwards-Helaire, Vaughn, McFarland, etc. in rounds 3-4.

We haven’t had a consistent run game since Turner. I don’t even count the Super Bowl season. We need a 1,200 yard rusher. Forget that total yards from scrimmage crap get a back that can can run between the tackles.

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