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Anyone think Itto Smith can and will be our lead running back?

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If Ito Smith is the Falcons starting RB this year I will absolutely throw a fit!! He's got no business being a starting RB on any NFL team!!

We should be drafting our RB1 in 2nd or 3rd round... This is one reason why a trade back in the 1st looks so good... Blacklock and Helaire looks better to me than any player at 16 not named Kinlaw

11 minutes ago, Draftnut57 said:

Ah,, have you seen the new list of who we now have at RB?  I don't think you have to worry about us not having a RB ,, WE now have at least 4 better than  Smith ... I doubt now if he even makes the team.

I agree, after signing Gurley, Tendering Hill, and having Ollison as our power back and potential to draft a future replacement, (to go along with injury and concussion history) I could see Smith being the odd man out because he just doesn't fit now that we have 3, soon to be 4, players ahead of him that can do what he can, and other stuff as well.  

He was a great fill-in at times, but I don't think he ever showed fully he could handle the lead role, especially for a team that runs as little as this team does.  I have great faith he can play, because he has shown spark, but the direction we are headed, he just seems more of a square peg in a round hole.

Good luck wherever he ends up.

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