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Where do you see us going after signing Fowler & trading for Hurst

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4 hours ago, Atlantafan21 said:

I’m surprised we haven’t already resigned Wreh-Wilson. Played really well down the stretch. Unless he’s looking for a big(ish) contract or something, youd think we’d have already resigned him. 

The guy has played well since hes been here in what, 2016? He has so many pass breakups that turn into tipped ints it makes no sense

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If Okudah's not there, we just take Chase Young. Simple.

If Okudah is there at 16 I’ll get a Vic Beasley tattoo 

I keep seeing people mention Okudah at 16 and I’m just wondering what substance abuse is causing people to think he will be there at 16

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14 minutes ago, Atl Falcon said:

So what is it you don’t like about kinlaw 

I question his motor. Sometimes he just looks lazy to me like he’s not even trying. I know all players take plays off whether they admit it or not tho. He’s got a bull rush cuz he’s just stronger than some at collegiate level but he’s gonna have to work on some actual moves and techniques to have success in the nfl. I don’t expect any rookie to be a finished product in the nfl however I prefer someone who will make an immediate impact in round 1 and I don’t think kinlaw can do that. He may be good down the road if he puts in the work but I’m just overall not impressed. I’ll be content if we draft him IF that’s how the chips fall but he’s not my first choice as much as I’d appreciate us attempting to solidify the DL

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2 minutes ago, BUBBASBEANS said:

Yep, we’re a wild card for sure now......gonna be interesting.  Likely dependent upon who’s off our board (guess that’s pointing out obvious though)

If it is kinlaw I’d understand why we took him but I’d rather have K9 or Okudah but I don’t think O will be there at 16. Who knows maybe we trade up for him

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Just now, MoFalconsFan56 said:

If it is kinlaw I’d understand why we took him but I’d rather have K9 and Okudah but I don’t think O will be there at 16. Who knows maybe we trade up for him

Yeah if skinless there we’d be crazy not to but I can also see DQ and TD looking for a top notch corner if they’re on board but to your point (an I realize we still have major holes to fill) it just feels like Fowler took some pressure off.  

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If Kinlaw is off the board I'm running to the podium to grab Kenneth Murray. The dude can do it all. Eats up yardage in pursuit. Very decisive which means he can use all of the 4.5 speed to his advantage. His combine is more impressive than Chaisson's and they are basically the same size.

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7 minutes ago, JetJones11 said:

If we draft a guard in the 1st two strait years i might throw up ... I’m looking at maybe C.J. Henderson tho at this point 

Depends how you look at it. We could have a 4 pieces of a great line locked up for the remainder of Ryan and Julios years, and w 3 on rookie deals.

the right value won’t be there though at 16, guard class doesn’t have a Lindstrom this year unless you move Wirfs inside. Gonna be Brown, Gono and a mid round rook battling it out. Don’t see Carp making the final cut.

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6 hours ago, ZoneOne01 said:

CB. Don’t see Kinlaw getting to 16. Probably Fulton unless Henderson falls. 

In all of my (admittedly empty and meaningless) "On The Clock" mock drafts either Kinlaw or Henderson falls to us. In no particular order, it usually goes 3-4 OT's, 3-4 QB's, 2-3 WR's, Okudah, Chase Young, Simmons, and Brown go off the board before our pick. If only 2 of the QB's go before us, we're likely screwed out of both Kinlaw and Henderson.

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