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Fowler Signed (CONFIRMED)

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3 minutes ago, federicofalcon2 said:

Get Kinlaw next to that group and bring back Clay, we can find a vet CB or draft one later in day 2 or 3.

I can dig this, not looking to trade up for him though.

As for CB, hard to say, but team may just be really comfortable with Sheffield and Oliver. To make Tru a post 1 cut before the draft wouldn’t make sense if the felt they had to land their CB1 in the draft. Cut ties after you get your guy.

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Say what you will about Fowler...dude had barely been on Twitter and is spamming "RISE UP"s now. Guarantee he wouldn't be retweeting 28-3 jokes, hanging out in the tunnel, not coming to minicamp when

Hold up - it's "up to" 48 million. He's gonna have to earn it. Makes betting on himself in that Tweet make even more sense, and makes the deal even better. If he's getting double digit sacks every season to make that 48 mil, he's more than earned it. **** yes, I'm so excited.

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He easily upgrades Vic based on which player you’d rather have regardless of the money difference.

We also possibly have upgraded Hooper for money savings.

Biggest short-term risk is at CB...which happens to be among the best value picks at our current spot in the draft if desired or we trade down and add another Day 2 as well as get a good first rounder.

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22 minutes ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

lol....People get butt hurt about the strangest things. It was obvious he signed somewhere which was why I posted it.  Credit to @vel who showed it to me


It's was early as **** and posters were starting to kill you for it, but you came through with the breaking news.


Well done bro.

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