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The Teddy Tommy BridgeBrady Atlanta Falcons thread of water

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The encouraging thing about adding him is that he’ll come in without all the drama / diva-queen horse manure.  So they’ll have a guy without all the me me me issues, pouting, Superman, media presser embarrassment etc...

Not to mention a host of other crap with Cam.

Most of our conference will miss Cam’s women’s wardrobe though I imagine.  I always enjoyed seeing those hilarious outfits so I guess that’ll be fun for another division moving forward.

Teddy will actually show some normal leadership skills. 

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58 minutes ago, FalconFanSince1969 said:

That's not bad considering what Tannehill got.

Tannehill has much more playmaking ability. 

57 minutes ago, Romfal said:

thats a good deal for the panthers at the going rate for QB's right now

My question is why spend big $ for a bottom 1/3 QB? Why not spend $5m for a Ryan Fitzpatrick type and use the extra $15m on other positions? 

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1 hour ago, tactician said:

It's all but over for Cam. The Tedddy B. era has begun in Charlotte

I live in South Carolina, Panthers just became my 2nd favorite team with that move. Falcons will always be 1st, since I lived in Atlanta for 30-years, and covered Atlanta sports.

Getting rid of that Prima Donna will bring back a lot of fans to the Carolina Panthers!

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