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D'andre swift

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4 minutes ago, Francis York Morgan said:

Would rather take Taylor or Dobbins at 16, and I don't want either at 16, so...

There'll be players who slip to 16 if Chaisson and Kinlaw aren't there. Plain and simple.

Who would you want on D? Now that Tru is gone, maybe we go cb. CJ Henderson looks pretty good and YGM has potential. 

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16 minutes ago, Tomahawk Choppa said:

If Chaisson and Kinlaw are both gone by our pick, would you guys mind us taking Swift at 16? Or would you like to see us trade back, get some more picks and possibly take the best Defensive player available?

Yes, don’t take Swift

Yes, trade back and load the wagon with young talent.

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24 minutes ago, Rings said:

No.  Drafting a RB in the first round, especially the top 20-25, is never a good idea.  If all those guys are gone trade back, will be able to take a top corner lineman still.

I wouldn’t say “never” but rarely the case a guy like Barkley or better is worth it.

Definitely not worth it for a team going Back to a wide zone running system that is more plug and play or RBBC...when coupled with the roster needs we have.

Trade down and take a RB first is a pipe dream for Swift. Too risky position for injuries.

Go Defense at least 2 or 3 times through round 2, if we trade down maybe more. We might sneak a TE ahead of RB in round 3 and take best fit remaining back in round 4.

I’m looking for us to sign a very solid defender and a couple depth moves on both sides of the ball before the draft.

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