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Falcons are going Nuclear


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5 minutes ago, Ovie_Lover said:

Quinn is a man to man guy? Thought he was all cover 3 in Seattle. When did that happen? Lol

within the cover 3 he prefers his dbs play physical and jam their wr at the line, not the bail technique trash Tru constantly plays. I never seen Sherman play as much bail as Tru. 

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3 hours ago, Herr Beast said:

I think this is the whole idea about the 2020 season. Boom or total bust. If it is boom, great. If it is a total bust, also great, we will draft the successor of Matt Ryan and hopefully start a new chapter.

Actually anything vastly different than 7-9 is great. 

If we’re going to go down, please,please,PLEASE get the first pick in the draft! Trevor!!!!

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5 hours ago, achin2be said:

I agree with a lot of the moves... moves are great until things go south. Let’s say our CB’s coverage this season is like Swiss Cheese... people are gonna shove that Trufant move up Q and Troffs butt.

It was Swiss cheese ish even with Tru here. Well when he was playing. Toe Chest Calf he’s hurt often. Not a game changer- 13 mill a year he had to go 

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1 hour ago, LeoAz93 said:

Falcons should go D-Line in the first rd this year. You build the trenches, that’s how you win. 

You win by getting the best players.  If we are zeroed in on d-line, it is almost a guarantee that we don't take the best player on the board at a position of need.

Remember when teams were killing us early last season because the ball came out so fast the pass rush couldn't get there?  Because we couldn't cover anyone?  That's how you lose football games.  What we need to do is take the best player that falls to us at a position of need, or trade out of the pick and accumulate picks.

Not that I have any confidence in Dimitroff to do that, because historically he doesn't.  And in a year where it's win or get fired?  Yeah, he's gonna reach.  The best I can hope for is a really good player at whatever position he's zeroed in the 1st falls to us.  Because I've heard him say "we knew we wanted to try to get a _____ with our first pick" too many times.  Dude drafts for straight need.  If our biggest need is d-line, he'll take the 4th best d-lineman over the best corner.  That's not how you win.  It's how you remain inconsistent.

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