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3 Defensive Line Free Agents the Falcons Should Target


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On 3/14/2020 at 0:17 PM, GrimeyKidd said:

The fact remains that the Atlanta Falcons are currently strapped for cap space. However, without making any resounding moves they will need to get creative to improve the defensive line. I believe that this offseason will be the perfect test for this team and show they elect to move forward. The following are three defensive line free agents the Falcons should target.

Along the panthers defensive line Gerald McCoy hopes to prove doubters wrong. Charlotte Observer

1. DT Gerald McCoy

After signing a 1-yr deal with the Carolina Panthers Gerald McCoy finds himself in a similar situation. He finished the season with five sacks, seven tackles for loss, and 13 quarterback hits. For example, Grady Jarrett finished the season with 7.5 sacks, 12 tackles for loss, and 16 quarterback hits. Adding another dynamic player to the interior could be the key to unlocking the Falcons pass rush.


Link to full article - https://www.overtimeheroics.net/index.php/2020/03/14/3-defensive-line-free-agents-the-falcons-should-target/


Definitely wondering what yall think. Honestly, the TD way has been to sign lower-tier guys and get the most out of them. I'm not sure who those guys are in this year's crop. Who do you think the Falcons should target? Cuts definitely need to be made for moves to happen but I expect those to come soon. 

Addison, and or, McCoy would be great!  Then draft Javon Kinlaw!!!  Yeah, baby!





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On 3/15/2020 at 0:34 PM, 1989Fan said:

Can he play, don’t know much about him? Don’t care at all if he is an Atlanta kid. Don’t want guys if they aren’t even better than Cominsky, Means or Takk.

Carolina signed Weatherly to a two year 12.5 million deal.  We couldn't of afforded him even.

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I would roll with McCoy to paired by Jarrett up the middle. I’d love to see the interior of offensive lines destroyed on a normal basis.

i know some of you says it’s a strong DT class and perhaps that’s true but outside of Jarrett we don’t tend to get it right in trenches during draft time in my opinion. I’m not saying the DT class isn’t strong just seem like ....we just get unlucky. I’m done with drafting defensive linemen early . Grab a D lineman in the mid to late rds and get us a star vet D lineman!...I’d be very interested to see if Tak is a completely different player with these two in the middle of that line.

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