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Chad Reuter 3 round mock

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Take a breath Jeremiah has us taking Kinlaw at 16 in his mock.


This one has us taking Blacklock.

No use getting your panties in a bunch when there are so many opinions and conjecture floating around out there.

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No doubt mayne Kinlaw is worth waiting on. You neva know but trading up for Chaisson definitely ain't the way to go. It's been noted I'm not on the Chaisson bandwagon. I say we wait and if Kinlaw ain't there then we take next BPA that helps us immediately: Galiimore, Murray, Swift, Henderson. Wbu?

Not wanting an HB Rd1 but we need inpact players in every round and I could get on board with Swift real quick. Imagine if Gurley didnt gave injury concerns.. it would've been hard to pass on him. Swift ain't got em and hes a LeSean McCoy type. Hard to pass on that. Again, rather would have Gallimore or Murray but if we get Swift if get on board real quick

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