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Who should the Falcons target in the draft and in free agency that can help make our defense more physical and "nasty?"

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Dan Quinn said last year he wanted our defense to be "nasty." Who in this year's draft class and in free agency that's in our price range do you think can give our defense the toughness it's lacking? That can help us go toe to toe with all these physical teams. It can be a pass/edge rusher, a linebacker, a safety or a corner. You can name as many as you want as long as it's a possible free agent or someone in this year's draft class that you think the Falcons could realistically target.

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26 minutes ago, ya_boi_j said:

The only ones that would make the defense nasty are the ones this team can’t afford

What about in the draft? They could trade up for Brown or Kinlaw if they wanted to bad enough. They could afford Pierre-Paul maybe even Fowler in FA if they wanted him bad enough.

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2 hours ago, Gold4425 said:

Kinlaw in the first

Galimore in the second

Shag Ouarterman in the 3rd 

J R REED in the 4th


Like the first two. Rather have Brooks in the third and an HB or TE afterwards. Gotta plan to replace Free(a post Jun 1st Cut if all is well) and Hopper(Breeland/Missouri boy)

Man if we can get Robert Quinn and then a TE and HB in the draft I'd be down. 

Michael Warren in the 4th is reeaally under the radar. Gives me Tuner vibes. Breeland I think could be a diamond in the rough

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