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Mock by the numbers


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34 minutes ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

Blacklock has been handicapped playing in a two gap scheme.  Once he is put in a 43 and allowed to attack, watch out.  He can be very special IMO.  He is my DT2

Reminds me of Grady, looks like a beast. I wouldnt mind it at all either. 

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I normally like a lot of her stuff, but this is just throwing the word “analytics” around to be different.  Analytics, and for that matter anyone in football, all point to QB being the most important thing, yet none go until five.  They say that run stuffing DTs aren’t as valuable and typically unathletic DTs won’t be good pass rushers, Brown goes 3.  Say RBs don’t matter, has Swift in the first (which I think is just lazy and people always want to give Baltimore a RB because they are a run first team).  Just happy she doesn’t have Becton up super high because he tested well, think he has bust written all over him.  

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