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6 hours ago, achin2be said:

Just saw a link and it looks like London. People who have gone to the last London Game.... did you buy the NFL London experience package or just purchase the tickets. If so what was the cost of each. Thanks.

Hopefully there is better communication with tickets this time round. 

A well known and amazingly helpful STH on here sorted me out with tickets (hope you are in a position to make it back over!) which turned out to be on the Detroit sideline (Falcons mess up!) still excellent seats which I think were £120.

The game in 2020 will be at the new Tottenham ground, which is far better than Wembley is as a stadium. I live a 10 minute drive away, drive past it every few weeks, and I believe my first visit will be night two of Guns N Roses at the end of may, but relatives who have sideline season tickets for Tottenham rave about it, has their own brewery as well. They will offer a sky club (a covered walkway ring at the top of the stadium), regular club and tunnel club options which are, as you'd expect, pricey. Also note that they bump the concessions up compared to the football games here as per NFL and their contracts.

Tickets for last year's games there went on sale at the beginning of June, and I believe the cheapest was around £60-70, but expect that to go up this year.

If any STHs receive any information on tickets please post as I'll be looking to, as last time, sit with those making their way over here. 

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I'd also suggest that booking everything separately would work out cheaper than going through the packages. 

Last weekend in September/first weekend in October seems to be a good probability, and an afternoon kick off if it the other game at Tottenham is Dolphins Vs Seahawks (which would have to be a 6pm start).

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