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March 2020 UGA Recruiting Thread

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Dang it’s already March.

Well info should be picking up a little bit with 2021 players since the dead period is ending and guys will be trimming their lists and hitting some of the camps.

Spring is coming doesn’t have quite the same sound to it lol but we should have more to talk about with recruiting. Gonna be really interesting to see how this class shapes up. Many are saying 2021 could be Kirby’s best class yet. We shall see. Gonna be fun to follow.

Go Dawgs!

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I appreciate you guys asking and accepting my info. It’s not usually I get bad intel but I’m pretty upset about the Marshall stuff. So I appreciate you guys not jumping down my throat lol

We need a laugh today. So here ya go.  

Sorry guys, been out of the loop. Looks like the timing for spring break here (last week) was perfect and I was able to take my kids back to El Paso to visit family (my kids were all born there). So w


A few snippets: 



There is no question that South Carolina is in this recruiting story, but they weren’t in there quite as much as they are now. Stockton wasn’t thinking South Carolina as much about four or five months ago, but Will Muschamp made two power moves to change that up.

The first was hiring Mike Bobo as his offensive coordinator. The Bobo family goes back a long way with the Stocktons. Bobo’s father, George, was the first real coach to help Gunner with throwing lessons coming up.

It was clear then he would be another Stockton athlete. When Will Muschamp adeptly added Connor Show (the older brother to the head coach at Rabun County) as a personnel staffer, he shrewdly cemented the Gamecocks as more than pawns in this chess match.

Smart and Georgia are in it with both feet and a “Yeet” dance. The Bulldogs have been for a while. Smart landed that yellow “KirbyCopter” on the field at Rabun County way back in the spring of 2019.

Stockton got to meet Monken on that “Junior Day” trip.

“Gunner was very impressed by that first meeting with coach [Todd] Monken,” his father Rob Stockton said. “Coach Monken is very impressive. We were also very impressed.”



Rob Stockton was able to put Muschamp and Smart together in the same light. He said they go about the business of recruiting elite talent with a “driven classiness” that defines both men quite well.

Don't tell those OK Bammer fans this that can't stop accusing Kirby of being an underhanded dirty cheat. :lol:


Clemson told Shaw that their 2022 board is currently Stockton and everyone else. West Virginia offered him after watching him throw two balls. They just see it when the ball comes out of his hand.


Gunner Stockton: A thought or two on his recruiting journey

To be clear, this section will definitely be an observer’s opinion of this matter.

It seemed like Stockton was closer to making his decision in late November that he had ever been before.

But things have changed up a bit.

South Carolina has emerged as a major player right up there with the Clemsons, Alabamas, Georgias and North Carolinas of that conversation. That’s how shrewd those moves were by Muschamp.

It is simply a reading of the green here, but the layout of that hole has changed with those major players. The same goes for how the situation at South Carolina isn’t a long-term fit. At least not yet.

The Gamecocks are looking at a pivotal season in 2020. It will go a long way toward determining how long Bobo and Muschamp and that staff stay in Columbia.

With Georgia, the feeling here is that 5-star Brock Vandagriff joining the program in the 2021 class will not matter as much as most might think. The same goes for the long-term futures of Carson Beck and D’Wan Mathis under center in Athens.

Stockton will choose the best fit for him and what feels like home. It has always been that way. It has been a constant throughout two seasons of covering him up to this point. He was never going to let a talented player dictate his college decision.

The big thing here has always been a true connection to that college staff and making a decision with the belief they will be together for several seasons. He has set out to create a long-term relationship as a recruit and extend that with a head coach and play-caller at the next level.

Smart and Georgia have always measured up well based on those criteria. At least at the head coach level. South Carolina has a chance to cement those aspects in 2020, too.

“Who is at the school that they want to be at for years down the road and are where they are going to stay?” his father said. “That’s one of those things that are big to him.”

Clemson has yet to offer, but the Tigers have always been recruiting him hard. North Carolina has also been a constant, too. The Tar Heels do now have some strong recruiters on staff, including head coach Mack Brown.

In this observer’s opinion, the decision seems more complicated for Stockton than it did a few months back. But that’s just the way the big business of college football tends to work.

“I’m not looking at who’s there,” Gunner Stockton said. “Like at Georgia, there’s always going to be a guy there. Or two guys there. Or the transfer portal. You just got to want to be there, fit that right fit wherever you decide it is and then go out while you are there and do the best you can.”


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13 hours ago, VA F.O. said:

On the one hand, Muschamp could very well be fired after this season, on the other hand, some have already said that the SC boosters are basically getting ready to insert Bobo into the HC position if/when that happens, and obviously that would only make it harder to keep Stockton away from there. 

For those who’ve never seen Stockton play, can you give us a Stockton comp?  Why so much hype?

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13 minutes ago, youngbloodz said:

 Nothing right now. I usually have something but absolutely nothing new that you guys already don’t know 

I was just wondering what changed that caused him to release a top 4 that eliminates his previous top 2 contenders; seems kinda weird 

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4 hours ago, 95Dawg said:

I’m there with you. Have to read that many tweets just to get a clearer picture 

I do think this is a misnomer a bit. Kirby listens to the critics way more than he leads on but what he doesn’t do is let the critics believe that he give a rats *** what they think. Kirby has surrounded himself with a ton of coaching experience for a reason 

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7 hours ago, Bdawg58 said:

I do think this is a misnomer a bit. Kirby listens to the critics way more than he leads on but what he doesn’t do is let the critics believe that he give a rats *** what they think. Kirby has surrounded himself with a ton of coaching experience for a reason 

I meant that he may be the one Kirby trusts the most and thus may listen to the most. 

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1 hour ago, Ransack said:

DL Marlin Dean has committed 


That was interesting cuz there were multiple posts elsewhere about him since he released a top 12 that apparently didn't include us but the pic in the edit was of him with Georgia gear on. Then days later, he pops to us...

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