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Best Round or Fight you've Ever Seen, Boxing or MMA

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1 hour ago, meezy0236 said:




This was the 1st fight to pop into my head.


It was a fight that you knew was special as you watched it. Gatti vs Ward was a great trilogy that led to them becoming great friends up until Gatti's death.


I still believe that Arturo Gatti was set up and murdered in cold blood.

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8 minutes ago, Mr.11 said:

I was gonna post Hearns v Hagler. That fight was nonstop action for 7 or 8 rounds of WAR-- two guys trying to tear each other's heads off. I've watched clips and breakdowns of this fight as an instructional piece and just as pure entertainment.

An underrated round.  Lyle vs Foreman, Round 4.  Definitely top 3 IMO


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For me, my favorite fights were the middleweight division in the 90's... Eubank, Benn, Watson, Steve Collins, Mike McCallum. That was a brutal division at the time and every bit as good as the 80's middleweights (Hearns, Hagler, Leonard, Duran etc.) in my opinion. 

Eubank vs Benn 1st time round is right up there for me.

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On 3/7/2020 at 7:53 PM, ⚡Slumerican⚡ said:

Used to love to watch Roy Jones Jr box.. He had a awesome career that fell off suddenly.. Hated to see him abused at the end of his career 


Yeah, that sucked and was hard to watch.


I always thought he should've never moved up to heavyweight and that light heavyweight was perfect for him. Roy gaining all of that muscle to make the move up and losing it quickly to move back down is what helped do him in. He compromised his body doing that.

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18 hours ago, DonOfThemBirds said:





You do know that there are some people out there who think Rocky Balboa is a real person.

I have argued with some people about that. Their argument is that the statue of "Rocky Balboa" at the top of the steps on the plaza in Philly which is really there, is of a real man and Stallone is just an actor portraying him.

My facial expressions were like....... :huh:<_<:o when I heard that. Lol.

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