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Falcons not picking up Takks 5th year option

ike barn87987

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18 minutes ago, AlabamaFalconFan said:

So frustrating.  Not with tak, but this position has been unfufilled for 15 years.  Always an issue at DE :bang:

And did someone say they trust TD... WTH

Many very productive DEs from other teams have come and gone during the whole TD era and he missed and failed In the draft and FA. 
This is a joke and we still have those On here who defend him.... must be his kim folks 

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30 minutes ago, Schwarzwald said:

Not surprising given the injuries mostly, this screams we are investing in a big piece long-term on defense some time next month when UFA starts.

Bank on that. (If Takk really is entering final year and no option)

You might have hit the nail on the head.  If Fowler is really ok playing for a bit less to join ATL, he seems the likely option

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18 minutes ago, KRUNKuno said:

It’s about time we stopped handing out brotherhood contracts

Sounds like what Jeff Schultz was saying three-four months ago is true. Guys getting unjustly paid (Vic's option getting picked up) or getting a whiff of winning feels like (2016 season) and then coasting and expecting things to come easy without putting in the work. Schultz was quoted as saying Takk being a "clown" and "immature". I think Takk can still be a big part of the DL but he's gotta get healthy and put in the work. 

When things are going well, they go really well. When things are going bad, they go really bad. Those things have been consistent since Quinn has been here besides '16. He can't get his guys to show up week in and week out.

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8 minutes ago, jidady said:

I didn't know it at the time, but the one year that Abe and Kearney were both healthy playing together was the high point for me as a Falcons fan who loves sacks.

They only had 8.5 between them. Imagine if we hadn’t let Kerney walk and replaced him with Jamaal Anderson. 

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5 minutes ago, Rings said:

Wonder why so far in advance, they let Beasley wonder up until it was close to the deadline to decide, Takk still a year away before we have decide, correct?  Wonder what the benefit to doing it now is.

When did they pick up Vic’s and Neal’s options; respectively?

If a purpose otherwise? Injury concern and not being able to rescind like they may have wanted in Neal’s case.

Vic was just a bad bet to begin with not rescinding but seems like our FO overthought things and believed we could manipulate Grady and Julio deals by taking care of the mutual client VB? (That’s the rumor out of the athletic in that one)

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1 minute ago, OrthoPTSD said:

Front office working like a business.


It is...but at the same time if they coulda traded Hoop and Free and Beasley (2 years ago) and instead just let them walk it's pretty dumb.

Also I can't get over the contracts handed to Brown, Carp and Ty only to draft Chris and Kaleb.  

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1 minute ago, Rings said:

Vic - April 25th 2018
Neal - April 24th 2019

So by that trend we still have another two months before the draft, a month for FA, just surprised they didn’t wait to see what they have before publicly saying that. 

They also announced they weren't going to negotiate with Vic which seemed odd and forced to me so I dunno what this new approach is man.

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