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Kate Beckinsale 

Erase everyone's memory of 28-3 and Eugene Robinson!

Fire DK and hire PMF as OC

1 minute ago, Shiney_McShine said:

I see the phrase "in a heartbeat" all the time. Well, now is your time to tell us, what you would with/for the Falcons in a heartbeat......Uniforms? Trade Matt Ryan for a 7th round pick? Trade TD to the Gladiators in exchange for their Zamboni driver? 


You choose. 

Fire TD 

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14 minutes ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

That was a great thread.  Still not sure why it was locked.  Only one person went political


41 minutes ago, RING OF HONOR said:

I would ban the poster that got the Wilder vs Fury thread locked 


2 minutes ago, youngbloodz said:

Yes sir


How many of watch boxing on this message board?


If there are quite a few that are interested, maybe we could get a forum added?

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