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Officially 1 more year vs Brees

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1 hour ago, SirCzah said:

At this point in his career, this might be a good thing for us.

There is no Might to it! 

And it's a Twofer as this Guarantees Bridgewater will not be a Taint and Hill will be the future!

Actually, now that I think of it, it's a Threefer! (not to be confused with Reefer! :D)

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1 hour ago, red falcon said:

Yeah the team shouldn't fear him and I doubt they do. His kids probably talked him into playing again, or his wife for the money. His tank is almost empty. 

Be interesting to see how much he gets for this coming year. He's got 80K yards and 550 TDs in his sights. Those numbers, plus another 25-30 mil, would motivate a lot of folks to come back.

Whatever father time has done to Brees, he's still the best chance for the saints to get to the super bowl this next year. If the Saints can protect him and get him another weapon or two, he could still get a team deep into the playoffs.

I actually expect him to fade as the year goes on myself, but he may have one more run in him, which, if he does, will produce coverage as nauseating as Brady has gotten the last few years.

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9 hours ago, OilFuturesTrader19 said:

Falcons DB's get ready for gifts from Brees. This is a mistake by him. He won't be happy by how next year goes for him.

He'll make at least 25 mil and probably get to 80,000 yards. Those are excellent consolation prizes for whatever happens to him.

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