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Quick question: Where are Dukes and Bell on 92.9 the Game today?


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I know usually when someone is on vacation the fill in host will say “so and so will be back tomorrow”. They may have said it but I sure didn’t hear it. In fact, they had a new host from Nashville and they kept saying how well he had done on his first full day with the station. 

I didn’t listen to the whole show so I didn’t  hear everything. They may have clearly addressed it and I just didn’t hear it. It just seemed different. Maybe it’s nothing. I hope so because I am a big Dukes and Bell fan. They will lose me as a listener immediately if they are gone. 

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2 hours ago, marvinthemartian said:


You and ya boi I were right. I finally got through to the station. They were off for Presidents Day and will be back tomorrow. Mods feel free to delete this thread. Thanks 

People actually get off work for this stupid ******* holiday?

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16 hours ago, red falcon said:

They are really good. Liked Andy when he took over for zeno. Hes got talent. Might Be favorite now,  Carl is too extra sometimes.  I had to stop listening when the ship was sinking.

I miss Zinno and how his listeners always give him the the biz. One guy said “I just don’t like ya Zinno” lol

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20 hours ago, The Great American said:

Believe it or not, the Andy/Randy show is growing on me.  Dukes and Bell are very good!!

I like Andy and Randy a lot.  Liked them individually before and even better together.

Hard to believe the same program directors that give us Dukes&Bell and Andy&Randy also give us the trainwreck of a morning show with John&Hugh - maybe the worst sportstalk show I have ever heard - and I have heard some bad ones.

John Fricke is probably the worst host I have ever heard.   His thoughts and takes are so wrong as to be laughable - He believes he is a really good interviewer but asks the stupidest questions and has no insight on anything.

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