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Phillip Rivers to back up Matt Ryan

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First off Rivers is a starter in this league and it would be embarrassing as **** for any team to come at him and ask or tell him otherwise right now.  He could easily start for atleast 15 to possibly 20 teams and be a upgrade for them. Why would he settle for chump change to be anyones backup when he can make 15 to 20+ million a year to start for that many other teams.   Now that the rivers side of it is out of the way the Falcons side of it is even worse as why would ANY TEAM spend 15 to 20 million in cap space on a backup that will hold a clipboard for an entire season. When that 15 to 20 million could be used on an elite pass rusher, DT, or O-lineman.  Or heck even split it up and get 2 above avg players at 10 mil each. 

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