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Albert Breer Speculation: Falcons part ways with Freeman

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Juat saw on instagram. Per albert breer. Saving 3.5 million in cap savings. He goes on to say expect Falcons to target a top RB in this draft class. 

UPDATE: I apologize to many, but the IG oage reporting it failed to mention thus was oure speculation fron Albert Breer. I HATE using specualtion as anything close to actual news. The IG account I follow has never failed me when posting factual reports, until now. Breer SPECULATES that we will cut Freeman. It HAS NOT been confirmed. Mods, please feel free to delete this thread. I will take the blame, as i put trust into an account that i obviously should not have. 

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19 minutes ago, MAD597 said:

Thank god, another over priced blunder. He should have been cut after he and his agent had a contract hissy fit during our Super Bowl bye week. Then he should have been cut after the blocking whiff that cost us a Super bowl. He was also pretty bad this year.

And yet you want to overpay Hooper lol. 

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22 minutes ago, LaurentRobinsonDaGawd said:

I would like Swift, as long as its not our first pick. Package a 2nd and maybe 3rd or 4th(then maybe a late pick) to move up into late 1st/early 2nd for swift. 

just no, sorry but even as a Dawgs fan, we have too many needs to trade away picks when there are other really good running backs available. 

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1 minute ago, youngbloodz said:

Glad you aren’t in charge. Let Hooper walk too

I think were lining up to make a move after the 25 year old Dante Fowler. Coming off 11.5 sacks, and would be more if ge didnt have to split with Donald on a lot of his half sacks. Chuck Smith said it would be a great addition to the team. He said he and beasley may have similar numbers, but are nothing alike. Said Fowler has that "dog" in him, and blossomed this year because he now has a signature move to fall back on. 

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