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2020 Off-Season Schedule


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This is for February and March.  The off-season schedule runs through September.  I have removed a lot of legal language so we get only the basic information for deadlines.

Feb. 3 - Waiver system begins for 2020.

Feb. 11 - NFL clubs may begin to sign players whose 2020 CFL contracts have expired.

Feb. 24-March 2 - NFL Scouting Combine.

Feb. 25 – March 10 – Clubs designate Franchise or Transition players.

March 16-18 - Clubs negotiate contracts with UFAs.

March 18 – Clubs must exercise 2019 contract options.  Clubs must submit offers to RFAs.  Clubs must submit minimum salary tender to players with expiring contracts who have fewer than 3 accrued seasons of free agency credit.  Clubs must be under Salary Cap. 2019 player contracts expire and trading period begins.  Free Agency starts.

March 29-April 1 - Annual League Meeting, Palm Beach, Florida.

April 6 - Clubs that hired a new head coach after the end of the 2019 regular season may begin offseason workout programs.

April 17 - Deadline for restricted free agents to sign offer sheets

April 20 - Clubs with returning head coaches may begin offseason workout programs.

April 23-25 - NFL Draft.

April 27 - Beginning this date, NFL clubs may request permission to visit with, try out, or sign any player who was under contract to the XFL at the conclusion of the XFL season.

I have the schedule information through September.  It is freely available on several web sites if you want to go to the source.  It does get wordy thanks to the legal language.  I will condense the rest and edit this first post if you guys are interested.  Please let me know.

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Added April since that is when the draft occurs
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