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7 hours ago, Romfal said:

I like him, my problem is we have Rico there already while theres several spots on this defense with weaker starters that can be addressed in the 1st

Rico is all the things you want a teammate and player to be, except for the fact he isn't really anything but an average Safety. He is NOT a Foundation Player that can support and build up the play of the other secondary because "he is just so dang good back there."  I have understood the reasons that TD/Quinn have kept Rico and ridden with him this long, but that does not mean it was the right "best" decision in the context of truly making the team better. When they gave him the big contract I was like WTH...  they really are being stupid now.

As for weaker starters on the defense right now....   SLB is a quasi-black hole, one can argue that DE may be weaker but I believe Fowler and Cominsky are going to take those and do well, the CBs are an interesting scenario....   I think Oliver is fine as long a he is in the right scheme. I think Sheffield may very well become really good. What I ask myself is...  if they, or all of our DBs knew they had a S that is truly good, ALL OF THE TIME, how much better would the CBs play? The thread where Vel broke it all down was truly HOF level (so many Kudos to you Vel!) explanation of WHY it matters. Having that S that rules his world is soooo  important.....  just ask yourself this Q....   (assuming the Falcons get a good SLB to fill that hole, add another good CB for that group) just how much better would their defense be if they had a Safety back there that was somewhere along the lines of a Sean Taylor, Reed, Berry, Thomas, Lott, Woodson, or Adams??  Think that's too much...  what if they were just a notch lower?  Justin Simmons (who I was really wanting for Falcons....  but nope) Fitzpatrick... what a diff he made immediately!, H. Smith, M. Williams. No one in their right mind can say Rico is even sniffing that neighborhood.  The Falcons have a hole at Safety; two of them if you count SS without a healthy Keanu there. 

Falcons NEED to get real about the SAF position. It has been put off for too many years now...  I could easily see and support taking two good SAF in this draft; one that is more FS and the other more SS, but both can play Split S roles. Add a real SLB that can cover TEs and the defense takes a big jump up!

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24 minutes ago, Smiler11 said:

So doesn't appear like we met with Terrell, unless it was kept under wraps. Hennessy and Davidson were both Combine interviews, and senior bowl participants, which kind of fits the profile of a number of former falcon picks.

Francis Bernard probably will be the pick at LB. A dark horse could be Shaun Bradley.

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