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Hello and welcome Falcons fans! My name is Lt Dan and this ladies and gentlemen is the 2020 Falcons Prospect Tracker !!!! This Thread is a 4 year project started by myself in (2015/2016) and I wo

I love when you do this because it pretty much always falls in line with who we draft.  Takes a lot of time and effort and I appreciate you for doing so.   A trend I see and expect is similar t

Holy Batman's underpants! Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I didn't know that was active. I just disabled it now.

2 hours ago, m2Falcons said:

Yup. Have tried to tell some folks here that he is NOT lasting until the 2nd Rd. pick, and highly likely to go in the 1st Rd. Winfield is going to be a Pro's Pro; makes the defense better. 

I like him, my problem is we have Rico there already while theres several spots on this defense with weaker starters that can be addressed in the 1st

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