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What do this team need?


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Honestly we do not need much To be competitive in 2020. the positions we need are LG, DE, DT, LB and a back up SS. I believe Cominsky can make the jump and take over Clayborns role if not brought back. While I do believe in Senat I’m still puzzled why he was inactive so much? And LB and SS we need depth. Some of our draft picks are going to be luxury picks we can develop. If we can hit on our first 4 picks we are in a good position to compete it 2020.

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On 2/3/2020 at 8:23 AM, etherdome said:

1.  A better HC.  Quinn is a slow learner.  He does not get his team ready to play for the first few weeks of every season.  He is a poor game manager and he certainly does not live up to his reputation as a defensive guru.  

2.  A better rush blocking scheme and a better OL coach.  We do not see much improvement from our depth OL players.  A good coach would have both of them playing much better.  

3.  Full scale upgrades along the DL.  I believe we need an interior DL more than an edge guy.  If by some miracle, Kinlaw falls to #16, he should be our pick.  Jarrett is amazing, but he needs a partner to turn the defense around.  

4.  A work horse RB to make play action a real threat.  

5.  We need for Brown or Carpenter to step up and play to their contracts.  Forget signing another FA OL, we simply can not afford it. 

6.  We need another Safety that can cover.  Neal is a nice head banger, but that does us very little good.  We need a smart and savvy cover guy that can create turn overs.  

7.  We need to shut down the Slogan machine that is Flowery Branch.  Enough with the cute phrases and let's see some real football.  


1) I love Quinn's drafting since he's been here.

2) Better scheme.....??

3) Really need another starting DE

4) AJ DILLON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5) True

6) Neal was good in coverage from what I remember. Getting hurt too much. Agree, need another SS

7) AGREE 100%.......really a turn off as a fan. Hate corporate Rah-rah

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On 2/1/2020 at 7:16 PM, GATXBOI said:

Going thru the mock drafts and looking at the team needs? Like if we could have an:

Left Guard : Passing game specialist with improving run game skills or a Mauler with improving pass game skills

Running Back: A Speedster, Bruiser or a 3 Down Back

FB: yes or no its a fullback

Tight Ends: Really comes down to how we handle Hooper and Stocker....period

Edge: With Takk Cominsky and Larkin in the mix what type of edge guy would you like to see on this team a Leo or 5 Tech

IDL With Grady Davison and Senat... Is it time for a big DT 6'4 or better

Lbs : Do we need another debo which we have in Foye or do we need a true Wlb to cover tight ends and rbs.

Corner Backs: A true outside guy or a inside guy

Safety: A ballhawk or a big thumper

now I didn't list QB WR Tackle Center because as for starters we are good. 

Please all give your insight.. see where we all have invisioned for our team

Didn’t you see it already? We’re ignoring everything in order to move up to #2 to get Chase Young. :ninja:

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On 2/2/2020 at 10:05 AM, octoslash said:

New uniforms.   Has anyone considered that? 

I swear if they don't get some new uniforms sometime in the next five years, I'm going to explode on some fool.  

Not sure sarcastic or not, but they already announced in April they are revealing new uniforms.

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