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Top 11 Rookie OL of 2019: #4 Kaleb McGary - Falcons


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With a rookie OT, it can be a bad sign if he consistently struggles his entire rookie season. If all you do is look at his periods of struggle you really miss the point. Of course he was going to struggle some. His technique needed tweaking and he missed a ton of camp.

What you hope to see in a situation like this is flashes, with periods where he holds his own, interrupted by the expected streaks of struggles, especially when left on an island too much in certain game situations. There is still an open question with speed rushers.

I saw some flashes from him las year of dominance and long stretches of him holding his own well. Powerful, good base and balance, quick feet, great awareness and hand usage, quick to react.  His second year the flashes and good stretches of play should increase while his stretches of struggling decrease.


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On 1/30/2020 at 8:46 AM, Francis York Morgan said:

Not for top 30 OG salaries it wasn't, imho. Especially since neither fit the scheme particularly well. It would've made more sense to either spend an extra 3-5m/yr on someone worth it (Saffold) or go bargain bin hunting. You don't pay backup guards 6m/yr.

I’m sure the coaches said they liked those players or could make it work. I doubt TD just signed them with out consulting anyone. Plus they probably had some idea they may draft an olineman or 2, but Incase they didn’t they had to do something. I agree I hate we wasted money if we don’t move forward with either.

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