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Mock Draft 1-27-2020

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So what the senior bowl has told me is Kinlaw will be long gone by the time the Falcons are on the clock. What a shame. Kinlaw is my 1st round crush but he's out of reach and probably out of the question without trading up. 

16: R1P16
This is what the Falcons need on the edge, POWER. GAME WRECKER. This guy does it all. Sacks, pass deflections, tackles for loss, you name it. Plus he could move inside on obvious passing downs as well. The Falcons have to get pressure on the QB. I'm tired of saying this for the past 20 years. They haven't had a legitimate pass rusher since John Abraham!!! The other option here at the same position would be Chaisson. I know he had a significant injury but the lack of production over his career worries me. Thus, making Epenesa the easy choice.
47: R2P15
This may require a trade up to accomplish. TD talked about adding GAME WRECKERS. Here you go. Swift would give the offense exactly what it's been missing. Take some pressure off the passing game and stop getting Matt Ryan hammered so much. Swift can do it all. This is a no brainer. Alternate option Dobbins.
55: R2P23
NFL bloodlines shouldn't be ignored. This guy is a turnover machine. GAME WRECKER. TD talked about Kazee, Oliver, and Sheffield taking the next step. The unknown is Neal. It would be amazing if Neal could come back and be what we all hope he could be. Devastating injuries two years in a row has put this in jeopardy. Improving the secondary is essential to helping the pass rush.
78: R3P14
This would give the Falcons potentially 4 starters from this draft class in as many picks. It shouldn't be hard for someone to take the left guard spot. Not a sexy pick but a neccessary one. Keep building the lines.
116: R4P13
It's not a bad idea to select a player who is the son of a former legend. Make no mistake, this isn't a selection for game changing offense. I read that Moss can run block well and is solid in pass protection. These are things I feel are underappreciated these days. He is capable of moving the chains when needed as well. A jack of all trades. 
157: R5P11
I'm a firm believer that games are won and lost in the trenches. Until those are solidified you keep swinging at it. Besides. Crawford, Davidson, and Bennett are all currently free agents. Insurance pick.
228: R7P14
I love this guys story. He's one of those people you can't help but like and cheer for. See for yourself
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