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Pick the Delpit Scouting Report

Where's W(Delpit)aldo? ((sorry))  

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  1. 1. Which scouting report is for Delpit?

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    • Player 2
    • Player 3
  2. 2. Which player do you think is best based on scouting reports?

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Since scouting reports are being used as this be-all end-all argument, let's try something out. One of these three scouting reports is for Grant Delpit. The other two are for his most often cited comparisons, two players with a cumulative 13 years in the league, 9 Pro Bowls, and 6 All Pro nods. Probably not too difficult guessing, but I'm still curious.

No cheating/Googling.

Player 1


Has solid athleticism for the safety spot. Not a speed merchant but has the instincts and range to play over the top. Gets secondary lined up. Can cover tight ends and the occasional slot receiver. Has the tracking, timing and hands to take the ball away when he gets his shot. Offers roster versatility. Returned two punts for touchdowns this season and has three career defensive touchdowns. Background as a returner makes him more dangerous than your average safety after an interception.


Long, but lanky and not built for a physical pounding. Grab and drag tackler. Will do what he has to against the run, but he's not going to be a tone-setter with his hitting. Dominant defensive front made his job in coverage much easier. Had some easy, no-brainer interceptions float his way on overthrows. Can get too cute trying to stay glued to the quarterback's eyes rather than triggering towards his boundary help over the top. Will occasionally lose track of his deep ball responsibility. 

Player 2

Agility/Hips: Shows smooth, fluid hips in his backpedal. Is a quick-twitch athlete, which would help him if a team decides to use him at cornerback. Exceptional short-area quickness. 

Ball Skills: Perhaps the best ball skills of any defensive back in this year’s class. A natural with the ball in the air. He catches the ball like a wide receiver and properly carries the ball. 

Body Control: Great high-point agility. Times his leaps really well and reportedly has a good vertical. Maintains his balance while changing direction.

Instincts: Possesses elite recognition skills – both against the pass and sniffing out the run. When he plays back in coverage, does an excellent job of reading the quarterback’s eyes.

Pass Coverage: Stays low in his backpedal and doesn’t take false steps in his break. Adept playing in zone. Has the quickness and playing intelligence to give up a cushion and breaking back on the play. Locates the ball exceptionally well, especially when it’s in the air.

Pursuit: Although he gives up a good amount of size, he doesn’t mind taking on large blockers. Has flawless lateral pursuit.

Run Support: Gives a good effort supporting the run, but doesn’t have the size to always be a factor. Breaks on the ball really well. Not much more than a help player against the inside run. Doesn’t have the size to shoot through gaps in the middle and can be manhandled by guards and centers. Does a nice job of working the outside run.

Player 3

Coverage Spacing - His range is pretty incredible. For a tall, lean build, he's incredibly fluid and has good linear burst and football IQ to break and challenge routes as a single high defender or as a rat/robber in the shallow areas to jump into throwing lanes. He's a high production safety with good contest skills and quick twitch.

Acceleration - He can fly. When he triggers from center field and into the flats, he's routinely beating teammates to the football. He's aided by quick processing power but he's also got the kind of true deep middle range and burst and juice to be an impact player if you want to play him 15 yards off the football.

Tackling - Man, he's frustrating here. He seems hesitant with the left shoulder to throw himself into tackles and he's super quick to drop his head and try to cut you down low. There's no reason for such lapses considering his reach and physical skill.

Zone Coverage Skills - He's a ball hawk and hunter in intermediate spaces. Can be a true weapon to bust up RPOs with his length, range and reactive quickness. Shows good ball tracking skills in vertical reps and does well to flip, open and attack the football. He's capable of producing a ton of turnovers in zone.

Ball Skills - Length, hand-eye coordination and physicality all come into play and shine for him here. He's combative at the catch point, a comfortable hands catcher and he's got the quickness to undercut throws if the ball hangs or if a quarterback leaves his throws inside by mistake.

Competitive Toughness - His effort level is really nice. He's all over the field and constantly around the football. Functional strength in man coverage or when working the catch point should also be considered a plus. That said, he's going to need to figure out his tackling inconsistencies — it's a pretty notable wart on his current resume.

Flexibility - Fluid. He's one of the more naturally moving safety prospects in recent memory. His hips flip at degrees that shouldn't be possible and he's got a real dynamic base to plant and drive from steep angles. Hardly ever wastes a step because of how free his base and feet are to drop and collect momentum with force.

Feet/COD - Foot speed is tremendous. It's all second nature, too — doesn't have to think about his buzz or deep landmark drops and his short area adjustments in a deep pedal are excellent. Springing forward or laterally offers little challenge and allows him to cover ground swiftly.

Man Coverage Skills - Has ability to play press in the red zone and he's not going to panic with his back to the ball. He's better when he can hunt or prowl but should be considered a viable slot defender or match-up defender with tight ends because of his size. If he's healthy, there's no play call that should pull him off the field.

Versatility - High blitz productivity and role in the box throughout stretches of college career. He's a valued defender that can play man, play deep zone, buzz the intermediates, blitz off the edge or be a run defender from 2nd or 3rd level. Blend of quickness, length open the door for plethora of roles. 

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One player has won 6 Superbowls, 4 Superbowl MVP,  been in 14 pro bowls,  3 NFL MVP, 1 National Championship in college.  The other rode his running game to the 2017 SEC Championshipt title...  No googling, cheating...


Image result for tom brady



Image result for jack fromm handing off to nick chubb

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24 minutes ago, A-TowN.- said:

#3 sounds like Delpit because of the range and tackling points. #1 I’m not sure about, maybe Eddie Jackson. #2 sounds like possibly Tyrann Mathieu, but whoever it is sounds the most appealing player.

They said 2 was a burner though. Honey Badger ran a 4.5. Not exactly a burner that’s why I didn’t think it was him at first 

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4 hours ago, youngbloodz said:

2 has to be Earl Thomas because he lacks size. Number 1 can’t be him because he ran a low 4.4 at the combine and I believe he ran a 4.3 at his pro day. Delpit is 3. I wonder if 1 is Byard


2 hours ago, A-TowN.- said:

#3 sounds like Delpit because of the range and tackling points. #1 I’m not sure about, maybe Eddie Jackson. #2 sounds like possibly Tyrann Mathieu, but whoever it is sounds the most appealing player.

Great guesses. 1 is Eddie Jackson and 2 is Earl Thomas. Tried to take out identifying stuff like the size bits but clearly missed some haha.

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