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SAY WHAT YOU WILL.....they may lose.....but


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11 minutes ago, BUBBASBEANS said:

Tennessee is a pleasure to watch imho.   They reflect the character, discipline, preparation, competence and bins fide NFL experience if their leader!!!   Take note AB!!!!!!   Take serious note!!!!!   You don’t need a slogan when you have credibility and command respect!!!!!

The 2017 Falcons almost did the same thing. 

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We technically accomplished more in 2016/2017 than the titans have to date but if you look at those teams......the defense was always suspect even at their best and our lack of discipline has been our undoing at the most key moments.   I give this staff their props.....we NEARLY got it done but for lack of discipline (missing key blocks/allowing OC to dictate).  However, to remain consistently relevant there must be discipline and professionalism in that locker room.   It’s why BB wins consistently and I blv much of why Tennessee has over achieved to date versus our club having underachieved 5 of last 5 years.   I’m sorry, give most of our fans a 28-3 lead in 3rd qtr and they can call rest of that game.  Mike Vrabel wouldn’t likely have been talked out of kicking that field goal.  I feel we would have at least 1 Lombardi had we had that type leadership.  

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8 minutes ago, Ovie_Lover said:

Pleasure to watch now sure.

I remember when they were boring, run game and defense is boring until you're in a championship. 

It’s prbly still boring to same folks who said that previously but winning cures a lotta boring.   The boring basics still “win”.  

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