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Trade Deadline Countdown - 24 hours: Hawks trade for Jeff Teague and Clint Capela

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Look at this crazyness that Schlenk pulled off over the last few years.

Schlenk traded

Jeff teague for a 1st round pick that tuned into Taurean Prince

He traded Prince for brooklyns 1st round pick #17 in 2019, and 2020 brooklyn pick and Allen Crabbe

He then traded one of those picks to move up to get Deandre Hunter at 4.

Then traded Crabbe for Teague back and Traevon Graham

Then traded the other 1st round pick for Clint Capela

So in total he somehow turned a little younger Jeff Teague into a little older Jeff Teague, Traevon Graham, Clint Capela and a pick that got us Deandre Hunter.

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Good trade. Capela can be added to our young core(Only 25). Is an above average/borderline top 10 center. Good defender on an extremely reasonable salary. Fit is still in question and I would still choose Collins over Capela if it becomes a bigger issue, but we can stagger for now and worry about that later. 


Still would have preferred Myles Turner, but I am happy to be proven wrong. 

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18 hours ago, blkbigdog35 said:

Capella is the target and I think our Brooklyn pick is the main selling point.  I’m sure Turner has to be apart of this deal with his salary or a combination of other expiring contracts we shall see if TS pulls the trigger by trade deadline.

Well I had a feeling this was the play!

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Here's why Atlanta made the trade:

1. Needed a starting quality C that defends and rebounds

2. He is signed to a reasonable long term contract

3. It cost us an expiring and the BKN lottery protected pick 

4. One less position to worry about in FA and the draft.

5. We still have tons of projected capspace for more trades, FAcy and taking salary for picks and our own 1st

6. and most important: We don't have to pay Andre Drummond $30 million in FAcy

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