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4 minutes ago, Smiler11 said:

I'm not sure the fade design was from fan input. Maybe a Nike designer getting overly creative or too much involvement from the players. 

I could see the white/black uniforms being the product of fan feedback and let's be honest those are going to be most frequently worn. 

The black jersey with white pants (or perhaps some yet to be seen grey/silver pants) are not a million miles from these...


That gradient is an all too common theme in football (soccer) kits over here in the UK; Nike having recently used it as a template for virtually every team they sponsored as recently as last season. 

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6 minutes ago, Sir Joe™ said:

That gradient is an all too common theme in football (soccer) kits over here in the UK; Nike having recently used it as a template for virtually every team they sponsored as recently as last season. 

I think Puma are doing something similar as well. I'm not personally a fan in general, I prefer a more retro look but some examples look pretty good. I can't think of any prior examples in the NFL - most NFL franchises tend to play it safe and keep a classic look. I suspect, like some of the more 'out there' football/soccer kits of years past, they are meant to be somewhat 'marmite'. 

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Just out of pure curiosity: as the logo on the left shoulder is usually facing the "wrong" direction, how important is the direction the logo is facing anyway? As it is a symbol and not a letter, it doesn't change much..

Not that I would like for it to change, but as I tried to draw the logo on a blank cap I found, I used my black jersey with the old logo as a guide and of course, without realising 'till it was too late, I had used the left shoulder logo.. i kinda like how it turned out, but then again, it faces the wrong side D: what do you guys think? 

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I still maintain. That if these are truly it, and I believe they are...


**i think the all black and all white versions are going to look really sleek and represent the direction the brand has been going with the design of the new stadium**

**i love LOVE that our away jerseys will now have BLACK #s with red outline like they did in 94-95ish, I’ve always thought that was tough!!**

**I like the matte black helmet and oversized falcon and am little curious about what exactly the logo change fuss was all about**

** the black top will look best with black pants I’m sure, but sounds like white may be an option, but honestly with the sleekness of the new design...give me all black**

**curious what pants option there is for the throwback, I don’t think we’ve seen all there is to that setup**

finally. The gradients make me want to buy a gradient painted southern comfort Silverado, fill the bed up with all the gradient tops they currently have, soak in gasoline, and roll off the side of Stone Mountain. 

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1 hour ago, quotemokc said:

Soccer kits are a bad example, they change constantly because they are overloaded with sponsorship logos.

It seems like more than half of the soccer teams in Europe have an online Chinese gambling site sprawled across their chest.












I hated every last one of those, please don't make me have to watch another team in similar abominations

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2 minutes ago, Absolute said:

That font is horrendous...zoomed out or in.  This sucks.

What gets me is these uniforms got leaked prior to Falcons officially announcing the date for the reveal. There is a small hope that these are just concepts and Falcons are messing with the fans. Also doesnt make sense with what Tabeek said the other day.

Matt: Thank for writing in and welcome to SFTB! The Falcons have made it a point to keep these new uniforms – and any images of them – on lockdown, Eric. A limited amount of people have actually seen them and, to my knowledge, we all promised not to say a revealing word about them. At least that was the case with me, and I've kept my word. I'd be extremely disappointed if any images were leaked, to be honest. They'll be revealed soon enough, so stay patient. 

So why the slip up now??

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I see a lot of folks complaining about the ATL on the front.  Hey, I am an old guy and I like it...a lot.  

Atlanta, thank goodness, is growing and has a different vibe than it did 40 years ago.  "The Big Peach" is a bland moniker and too derivative from NYC's "Big Apple".  I like that Atlanta's nickname is ATL.  And there is everything right about ATL on the front of the new uni's.  

Now, as far as the pics that have shown here, I don't know.  I really think that the helmets need to go back to red......maybe matte.  But for goodness sakes, let's scrub away any remaining dung left from the Glanville days.  

As far as the font, I like the NY Jets font.  Unfortunately, the pointed font and the "wing-like" motif is engrained in everything the organization does.  Heck, even the stupid stadium seats feature the "winged" motif......something I think looks lousy.  

But I digress, let's wait for the 14th and see what these guys have come up with.  And for my part, I am hoping that they move to red helmets.  

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9 hours ago, SLEVEN said:


This guy doesn’t even trust his own source lol. In his Instagram story, he’s saying he thinks they are the real jerseys even though a “player” on the team is telling him they arn’t. Seems like a guy who doesn’t have a inside source and is just covering all his angles 


Also, the player could have just seen the gradient ones, which are not shown in that picture.

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I don't love the leaked photos I've seen but I also don't hate them. I think they did a good job. Not a big fan of the stripe on the top of the jersey. The gradient thing will have to grow on me BUT I LOVE THE FONT for the letters and numbers. I really like the front of the jersey that leaked as well. I really believe they will look good once the reveal happens and even better in person. My point is if the leaked photos are the real deal, they could've done much worse. But hey, I'm not a big fan of a plain jersey with just old fashioned block numbers. The league is evolving! The Seahawks jerseys were pretty wild when they came out and most people really like those now.

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