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38 minutes ago, PHALCONABERNATHY said:

I wanna see the black ones. I like the away uniforms but the red fading into the black looks like those fake Walmart jerseys they sell.

This!!!!!  Listen up McKay and co........put a team on field that’s dressed like grown *** men!!!   You’ve got 7 days!!!!  I told you what those pencil necks would come up with and exactly what majority of your paying customers will say.  Give those fades away to first 500 folks that email wanting one and I bet you’ll have a few left. We don’t want cutesy, cool etc......build a legacy......”classic”!!!!!

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12 minutes ago, Malachore said:

The white and black unis are clean af 

Just more *****ing by grown men.


I like those, it's just the bold red stripe. Needs an outline or be removed altogether and it makes them look a lot better.


I don't really care for the red to black jersey.


They don't show the pants for the throwbacks. Not sure if they remain white or go to the grey.


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11 minutes ago, falconfanEST1989 said:

Well...... I think it's safe to say we wont have to wait 17 years for new uniforms..!!    Sorry not sorry..:tiphat:

This is like what the bucs did.  That just means in 3-5 years our next jerseys will be the throwbacks.  

We’re almost there guys.  Just gotta gut this one out

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9 minutes ago, FalconofShadows said:

No sure if its just me but I feel like the jerseys on the rack look super small like they are almost not even jersey length 

That’s the style now. They wear em to barely fit similar to the suites they try to sell us now that only come to your wrist and ankles

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3 minutes ago, FalconFan13 said:

Hmm not sure how i feel about that one yet lol.

Ok, after careful review......I can live w font and the red stripe if we absolutely must.  I really like the white and black jerseys (font/red stripe are def minuses) but that ATL is silly and needs to go before we are seen in public.  Fade is still a very bad idea prbly by same clown who thinks “ATL” is who we are.  I can guarantee every other teams fans wil say “All The Losers”......again our marketing team is not very sharp apparently. These things should’ve been discussed exhaustively internally!!!  SMH!!

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