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24 minutes ago, ChiefGSU275 said:

The font on the numbers isn’t terrible, BUT, the awful shadow feature is. Why not a full outline? Makes the jerseys look like a late 90s concept or something. 

also, I see no valid reason for changing the facemask from black to chrome/silver if these are the uniforms. There is little to no silver featured so it looks extra out of place. 

I am glad the clown sleeves are gone but that’s about the only positive I can find. this just about guarantees that I will not be buying a jersey any time soon. 

Yeah I agree with the gray/silver being out of place. WTF would that even be the facemask color?

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31 minutes ago, KRUNKuno said:

Okay...I’m holding out hope that these are fake...reasons why:

1.  Who the **** are those players in the jerseys?  You know it’s gotta be matt, Julio and Deion Jones in the release video.

2.  Maybe it’s me, but I’m seeing a red jersey with a black stripe as well.  If that’s the case, which pants go with that if we’ve only seen black and white pants?

3.  I see 3 throwback black jerseys, but only 2 new black jerseys.  I dunno just makes me wonder where the other new black jersey is at.  Maybe somebody is wearing it, I dunno.

4. They’re too ugly

The red jersey also has a red stripe inside of the black fade

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3 minutes ago, FalconsAllDayUrDay said:

Buncha cry babies man. They could be better, they could be worse. I like em. However I still think theres a chance they're just a concept, though I'd be cool of they were the real deal


I don't think they're terrible.


But that bold red stripe looks bland. Either should outline it or remove it completely.

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2 hours ago, AUTiger7222 said:

White ones look sick!! Hoping that the home uniforms are black jerseys and white pants. If that's the case then I think they'll be fine.

Black throwback jersey and maybe we eventually can morph that red strip completely off of the white one.  That fade thing can be rolled out occasionally to appease both folks who like it and in meantime let’s work on that red helmet. Bout what I expected and predicted.  They over reached for “cool, fresh” and all the other buzz words and **** near fumbled away another 28-3 lead that was teed up for them. Throwback, white jersey and white pants along w a classic gray face mask are redeeming qualities.  That fade was designed by a kindergartener during art/self expression time though. They better get their combos right for rollout.  Bucs set the bar and they didn’t go romper room....nailed a very classic look.....a reflection of the class on their sidelines. Let’s see what we choose to “reflect” on 4-14.....

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