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2 minutes ago, AUTiger7222 said:

This was the original look of the uniforms in 2003 and I thought they looked good.


What I didn't like was when Mora was hired in 2004 he switched to red jerseys. That is what I hated about them.

I actually liked the change. I liked the red jerseys. LOVED the 2010 throwback red helmet launch. That was sick

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4 minutes ago, JD dirtybird21 said:

I stand by my statement....unless the uniforms weren’t identical to the black throwbacks...the reaction would be negative 

I wasn’t expecting these to be perfect and I do think they are an upgrade from what we had, thank goodness!!!

IF these are in fact the new ones, I am ok with them, I just hate the numbers.

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8 minutes ago, Colbeee said:

I think these will grown on people when they see them properly presented.  I will admit that white one looks like crap on that particular player.   

Nah man.  These aren’t good.  I actually prefer the unis we have now over even the thought of these.

What gets me is that they said they listened to the fans lmao...which fans exactly?

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15 minutes ago, JD dirtybird21 said:

Lol at some these negative reactions. Y’all were going to hate it no matter what they looked like. The reaction was the exact same in 2003 when the new logo and unis came out 

Some people just hate change 

That’s awfully dismissive. It’s hard to say fully one way or another at this time before the full reveal. 

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2 minutes ago, Snafu said:

The all whites arent bad. All Blacks probably wont be too bad either.

Black on white and white on black may look a bit weird

I'll just hold out hope that we'll never actually wear that fading ****.

I heard the fading one is our main home jersey lol 

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3 minutes ago, JD dirtybird21 said:

I personally think the white Jersey is pretty sick. Looks like an elevated version of the 91 squad. 


That's why I like them!! The black numbers gonna look sick. The only change I would make to that white uniform would have made the stripe black to match the numbers and helmet. That would have really looked sick.

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46 minutes ago, ADAMSVILLE GYM said:

I didn't like the fat falcon, but it grew on me over time. I can't imagine having chrome masks and not bring it to the uni. Let's wait and see. Color rush might be all grey!!!

Now that would be a color rush of interest! 

And you are correct, if they go with Chrome no way would they not have any other silver in the scheme.

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