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2 minutes ago, Jimsmusic™ said:

well with the horrible name braves gave their stadium


these uniforms gonna be ugly as sin

stadium names are irrelevant to the owners as long as the money is right. If Preperation H had enough money to give it would have been the Prep H sore ***hole dome!

though w our luck Nike cut Blank a check to showcase their ugly **** on an NFL team. We going to be the NFLs Oregon Ducks lol.

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I'm kind of nervous. I'm excited for new uni's, but they can f*ck this up royally. Look at the Browns. HeIl, even the Jags. They've been through multiple for no reason. 

I just hope they use a black one as an alternate more often. There is no reason, given the very first uniform was black, not red. 

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2 minutes ago, Ovie_Lover said:

Lol at the dumbasses saying we'd know 5 years in advance because you gotta let the league office know and some ********. Every new uniform wasnt announced until months before. They keep it under wraps people. 

I think you have to wait 5 years to make a change after your last update, not wait 5 years to announce one.

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