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How in the heck did Ohio State let Joe Burrow transfer?


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This thread was depressing to revisit. The notion that UGA or any other SEC school doesn’t play a higher caliber of competition than OSU is laughable though.

For reference:
- The SEC had 63 players drafted in the 2020 NFL draft.
- UGA accounted for 7 of the players drafted. 
- 56 players among the rest of the conference combined. 
- UGA played against 38 of them. (LSU 14, Florida 7, Auburn 6, SoCar 4, UK 2, TAMU 2, Tenn 2, Vandy 1).
***(add 6 more for Notre Dame, 1 for GT, 4 for Baylor)***

- The Big Ten had 48 players drafted in the 2020 NFL draft. 
- Ohio State accounted for 10 of the players drafted. 
- 38 players from the rest of the conference combined. 
- OSU played against 26 of them. (Mich 10, PSU 5, Wisconsin 4, Maryland 2, MSU 2, Neb 2, Indiana 1). 
***(add 7 for Clemson, add 3 total from FAU, Miami OH, Cincy)***

The SEC has had the most players drafted by a wide margin every year for like 14 or 15 years. Oddly, South Carolina was one of the worst teams we played but they accounted for more drafted players than like 9 of the teams on OSU’s whole schedule and match the number on the team OSU played in the Big Ten championship. :shrug:

But what does it all mean Basil?

I don’t know. Joe Burrow was buried at OSU, graduated and transferred and developed into an amazing QB. Fields played more than most freshmen QBs do but decided to leave anyway and was as impressive in his sophomore year as just about everyone expected. I wish he would have stayed but he made his choice. Hopefully Jamie Newman wins the Heisman in 2020.

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21 hours ago, Porter Osborne Jr said:

Just because you’re a terrible troll?

Based on the ridiculous arguments that were being made a few months back...seemed like it was worth revisiting. 

Again, I wish Fromm the best.  Not sure what advice he got that made him leave early and I have to think the relationship with the OC may have factored in.  

That said, still gotta look at the whole situation and think that maybe our staff mishandled some things.  

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