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How do you feel about itto/hill/Ollison/Barner going into 2020?

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I would like to look at all of our running backs NOT NAMED Devonta Freeman going into 2020.

Itto Smith- my main concern with Itto is injuries. He's had quite a bit for only 2 years. If healthy he could probably replace Freeman. 

Ollison- could be the power back we need. Time will tell.

Brian Hill- looked very good at times. Not sure if he is a starting caliber back.

Barner- excellent on returns. Could be a nice back up if we need one.

How do you guys feel about the backs we have besides Devonta Freeman? Do you feel these guys can carry the load? Do you trust any of these guys to block for Matt Ryan when needed? Do you feel like our number one back for the next 3-5 years is on this list? Or do you feel like we must draft someone? 


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I feel like Hill has developed nicely into a solid backup. Don't think he would do anything special w/ the lion's share of the carries, but as a reserve he brings some nice things to the party. Could be like a faster Jason Snelling for us.

I'm hopeful for Ollison, but am far from convinced he's "the power back we need." I feel like too many folks here are giving him a pass just because of his size. Everyone got so wrapped up in the idea of getting a bigger back that they seemed to not care whether that big back was actually any good or not. So far, his vision looks absolutely terrible. I fully understand that it's hard to gauge anything from his numbers since he was mostly getting goal line carries, but still... that 2.3 YPC isn't pretty. To my eyes, he never really looked particularly punishing or powerful, but like I said, I'm hopeful he'll improve in year two.

Ito Smith never did enough when he has been healthy to make me think he's ever gonna be anything more that a backup. Sure, I suppose he could a offer similar skillset & serve as a poor man's Freeman to an extent... but is that even the kind of back Koetter wants/needs for his scheme? I think if we cut Free there's probably more to it than just financial ramifications. It'd likely also have to do with wanting to feature a different style of RB moving forward. So I would think there'd be very little reason to keep Ito around if you're getting rid of Freeman, as neither would really be a fit for what the team would be doing.

Barner is maybe worth keeping due to return abilities (which means he'd be active every week & thus can be an emergency backup). That said, what he offers outside of return duties is minimal & for the big plays he made as a return specialist, he also made plenty of head scratching decisions... some of which were nearly disastrous, and not things a guy with his experience should be doing at this point. I don't think he outright should be awarded a spot, and should have to again beat out competition to earn that spot on the roster.

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Ito Smith - Shows potential as evasive runner with decent power, but needs more consistency (could be the OL)

Brian Hill - Good runner, but a tweener.  Not really a power back.  Not an evasive back.  His combination of speed, quickness, and power may allow him to develop into a consistent runner.

Qadree Ollison - Is he a power back?  I have not seen enough to decide.

Kenjon Barner - Is he evasive enough to be a regular runner, if not an every down runner?  Can he protect the ball?  I know he has, but can he do that consistently against DLs and LBs?

Keith Smith - Is he the guy who can open lanes?  I will not judge him until we correct our OL issues.

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Only 2 of those whom are reliable are Hill and Ollison. Both young, hungry, and injury free with upside(some) at this time. Shant be concerned with either of those, unless by tier on depth chart? Id say both are 3/4 with either a slight ability to make it to a 2.

I'm all for Freeman gone and either of these 2 having his carries, guy stumbled over his own feet way to much this year.

Ito is not in their plans.


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