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2020 MLB Season Thread

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The circumstances suck but given how they acted in the playoffs last year.......they can suck it.

Someday people will stop picking Cincinnati as a "surprise team" just because they sign some free agents. They blew their shot when then refused to go all-in on their rebuild, then cut their half-asse

The Indians beat the Royals 10-1. The Braves beat the Red Sox 10-3. The Tigers beat the Brewers 12-1. The Cardinals beat the Reds 16-2. The Giants are beating the Rockies 23-4.

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Astros pitching coach Alex Cintron has been suspended 20 games for starting the brawl with the A's. Longest suspension ever for a coach. Translates to a 54 game suspension in a normal season. As a coach he has no ability to appeal. 

Ramon Laureano was suspended 5 games. 

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1 hour ago, AUTiger7222 said:

The Washington Nationals just used pitcher Dakota Bacus in his MLB debut. But here's the crazy thing, his MLB debut came today but will forever be listed as happening on August 9th, 2020. One of the many oddities that is the result of suspended games.

Now that is an interesting oddity. One of the many reasons to love baseball. So many odd stats.

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